Thursday, December 11, 2008

To My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,
My biggest accomplishment in ELA this year is making predictions and knowing how to write essays more better using transforming words. Also in ELA during test prep time I now know how to find the meaning of hard words using context clues from a story. My favorite unit this year in ELA is the character studies. I like this unit a lot because it helps me more to understand a passage that is very hard for me and this unit is helping me to get ready to take the big ELA state test on January 21,2009. In this unit my class 802 is reading a very high level book called To Kill The Mockingbird. This book is for like high school students. I'm very proud of myself because I really understand this great book and this book have very hard words that I never seen in my life. Also in this unit I learn how to answer inference question and questions about points of view which mean who is telling the story . Using technology is great for us students. We have our on websites for school. Like, and On each website we do plenty of work. Technology is easier for me. Its better doing work on the computer that using a lot of paper. My goal this year is to get a 4 on the state test and go to HIGH SCHOOL. In ELA you have to know how to read and write because say if you want a job and you can't read or write thats a big problem. ELA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Reading Response 3

Title: November Blues
Pages: 208-225
November Nelson is pregnant and she has to decide if she wants to keep the baby or should her boyfriend parents adopt the baby.
I think that November is going to keep the baby because in the story she keeps on saying that when her baby is born she is going to name her sunshine and she can see the baby talking and walking and running in the park on the a sunny day.So I believe that she might keep her little sunshine when the baby is born.November is 16 years old about to go to college. In my mind I think that November should keep her baby.
I think the story is mostly about November being pregnant and Jericho losing his cousin and his best friend.

Listing passage: Mona Lisa

One possible identity of Mona Lisa was she was a young woman from Italy who was in a famous portrait. For example according to the passage Mona Lisa was a in a painting that was painted by a famous inventor,scientist, and a famous artist named Leonardo. In the Passage Mona Lisa was in paintings with a strange smile. People always thought why she has a strange smile in the portrait.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Character Unit Into

Do people ever really change?

People do really change but it depends what they are changing for. For example there was this book that I was reading and it was this girl making front of this little white girl. Through out this book that I was reading this little black girl realizes what was going wrong in this little girl life. So the girl change and she stop making front of white people. In my life I changed. When I used to go to ms.328 I was always fighting and getting into a lot of trouble , but now that I came to CIS .339 I change a lot because this school was right for me and I realized that it is my time to stop thinking life is a game and to stop fighting and get on with my life. Some people don't change they just do what they best do.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drama Club Blog 1!!!!

This year in scan I want to do many things. One thing that I would like to do is test prep.
In drama club I think that we should do a performance every month or every two months.
We should perform in different places. I know how to memorize words but I still need a little help.
I would love to be the performer most of the time and do behind the scene too.
We should do a performance about Christmas for December.
My favorite actor is Denzel washington ,and samuel L. jacksons.
I love to act.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

I think that this election was the best election ever. This election is very historic
because Barack Obama was the first African American President and he has bring change to the United States of America. This election will be remember for ever. Obama election means a lot to me. His speech that he gave in his election was very meaningful and very powerful. He uses big thoughtful words in his election to show everyone that he has bring CHANGE to America.
I feel very happy and excited about Obama, the country and this big election. I feel that Obama has come very far in this election and I thank him for that. In the next 4 years I think
Obama will still be president and bring more change for each year that pass. The issues I
hope he take care first is education, economy, and health care. I think and hope that Barack Obama will live for ever.

Friday, October 31, 2008

"Ghost Story" The day Patrice was killed!!!

There once was a girl that everyone thought was kind of weird. She would always wear the color black. Her name was Patrice Brown. She was a quiet girl that did not like anyone. She was the type of girl that had a mean attitude.If someone was to mess with her she would lose control. One day she was walking into school and everyone was being so loud, but she was the only one quiet. People was talking about her when she was going into the school. She didn't know who to kill first. A fat girl name Cindy threw a big ball of paper at Patrice and it hit her face. Patrice got so mad and was losing control of herself. She bit Cindy in her face. Cindy had a big bite mark on her face. She wanted to kill Cindy and a lot of people after school but she didn't know how. The next day she was walking across the street going to school. There were people walking to school and talking about Patrice Clothes. Patrice was getting real angry and started to jump around losing control. She was still in the street and she was still going crazy. She wasn't paying attention and she was hit by a big white truck. When she died she put a voodoo curse on the whole world and she killed everyone that made front of her.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Reading Response 2

Title:A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Author:Betty Smith

This book is fantastic and I'm beginning to like it more.Also Francie is beginning to be my
favorite character in the book.Francie is very nice and loves to read books.She is just like me.
My favorite part in the book is when Francie goes to the library every day to read books. I can relate to that because I go to the library every day after school to read books too.
Francie read bigs books(chapter books) and she reads little books(picture books).

My least favorite part in the book was when Francie little brother and his friends
were being mean to this little Jewish boy. The reason why this is my least favorite part because
that is not nice to do that to people that is littler than you.They would of been scared if big people did that to them.I wouldn't do that to anybody because I wouldn't want someone doing that to me.
I like this book a lot and hope to know more about it as I read it everyday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reading Response Questioning

Title:Policy Before Politics

Skinny Questions:
1. What was Barack Obama and John McCain debating on?
2. Where did the debate take place?
3. Who is Tom Brokaw?

Fat Questions:
1.Why was Barack Obama and John McCain debating on policies in the United States?
2.What are some of the policies they thought was good for the united state?
3.Why is this election so important to them?

Barack Obama and John McCain are debating on policies in he United States because they think that there should be some policies in the United States and they want these policies to change the people.


Ceira Daniels October 15,2008

Title:This Land Is Your Land

How does the information in the box "A Day in the life(of me)" helps the reader understand
the article?

The information in the box helps readers understand the article by the reader reading
the information in the box and knowing what Ashirah do everyday.For example,
in the article it says that "Ashirap wakes up everyday at 6:30 and at 7:30 or 8:00 she begins
doing her daily chores". That can show the reader what she does everyday in her life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


CeiraDaniels October 7,2008
Class802 Ms.Johns

Reading Response

Title:A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Author:Betty Smith
Pages Read:8

I just started reading this book and so far I'm starting to like it.
To me in my own words by reading the title I think the story is gonna be about a girl that is lonely and she finds a tree and talks to it everyday and sees the tree as being her friend.In my
mind I think that the main character Francie is going to be my favorite character in this book.
I say this because so far in the story she seems like a nice intelligent 11 year old little girl.

So far I only read about 8 pages in the book and what I read was about a girl name Francie who lives with her mom,her brother,and her moms boyfriend. Francie is a girl who is very lonely and loves money a lot.Everyday she goes out to her backyard to see her big huge tree with leaves that looks like umbrellas.I think right now she is beginning to like the tree.But I wouldn't no unless I read more of the book.