Thursday, December 11, 2008

To My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,
My biggest accomplishment in ELA this year is making predictions and knowing how to write essays more better using transforming words. Also in ELA during test prep time I now know how to find the meaning of hard words using context clues from a story. My favorite unit this year in ELA is the character studies. I like this unit a lot because it helps me more to understand a passage that is very hard for me and this unit is helping me to get ready to take the big ELA state test on January 21,2009. In this unit my class 802 is reading a very high level book called To Kill The Mockingbird. This book is for like high school students. I'm very proud of myself because I really understand this great book and this book have very hard words that I never seen in my life. Also in this unit I learn how to answer inference question and questions about points of view which mean who is telling the story . Using technology is great for us students. We have our on websites for school. Like, and On each website we do plenty of work. Technology is easier for me. Its better doing work on the computer that using a lot of paper. My goal this year is to get a 4 on the state test and go to HIGH SCHOOL. In ELA you have to know how to read and write because say if you want a job and you can't read or write thats a big problem. ELA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!