Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing Documentaries-Storm

To make this document the students had to act out a real story that really happened in real life about bullying. These students had to remember the words, they had to be good actors and act out parts to make it seem real like it was happening.

In this documentaries the elements that was used was acting,speaking,they showed the inside and outside of different places, black and white,color,music,and words.

The most powerful part in this document was at the end the part when Joe killed himself maybe because he couldn't take the bullying no more.

If I was to make this document of bullying I would of did more acting in it. Also I would of made it longer and I would of made the parents as different people and have the parents act a different way.

When I have a response on documentaries it is different from a response on a book or newspaper because when you read something in a book or a newspaper people somethings add things to the story but a document of something tells the truth and you can see that.

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