Thursday, March 26, 2009

My short story introduction

" Hey wait up" Davina said while running up to Nakia.

"I'm Having a party this Friday and I want to know If you want to come"? Davina said

"Yea I'll come, that will be great " Nakia response in a happy voice

Davina was having her party in that huge haunted house on killer street were everyone was scared to walk next to. The house had spider webs all over it.The front yard looked like it was a war happening and in the back yard was this scary creepy dark grave yard.

Davina was happy she was having a party especially when she was playing a big trick on Nakia.
Last year Nakia made Davina eat chocolate knowing that Davina gets bumps all over her body.
Now Davina is trying to get revenge to get back at Nakia knowing that Nakia is scared of spiders and
creepy stuff.

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